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 One lil video im maken (personal {sp} sorry read anyway)

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One lil video im maken (personal {sp} sorry read anyway) Empty
PostSubject: One lil video im maken (personal {sp} sorry read anyway)   One lil video im maken (personal {sp} sorry read anyway) EmptyThu Apr 30, 2009 2:33 pm

yeah so im gna play ever valve game i have and im gna throw em in with eachother its gna be quite fun im just gna take clips and keep on usein em (not the same one thats just what quad does Razz ) so every time i want the clip 2 end ill just make a sharp turn left and ill make that part motion blur so it looks asif im going in2 the new game as i turn and ill just if i can make a long jump and it will lur in2 the new game im actualy gna enjoy this one call me if u need also gna make it funny yet interesting but this means ill have 2 play all the games over and when i want a clip 2 end ill just turn and click my hot key then click it again i asure you vodkah im still programing the scoreboard, ass mod co ownership and the motd
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One lil video im maken (personal {sp} sorry read anyway)
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